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No to discrimination-rap song-7.a

Autor: Dragica Reljić, 8. 5. 2017.


Say no to discrimination

the only way is toleration,

respect the people from every nation

and you will reach a new destination.


It's doesn't matter if you're black or white,

or if your pants are baggy or tight.

Believe me your future is always bright

just be brave as a knight.


It doesn't  matter if you have a strange name,

because we are all people and we are all the same.

If they are a different skin tone,

don't leave them alone.


You have to respect people,

and it will come to you as a triple.

We are all special in our own way,

be nice to each others every single day.


It doesen't matter if you're rich or poor

the importnat part is the core.

If you ever think that no one likes you

just remeber, everyone is special and you're too.


If they're light as a day or black as a night

discrimination gives them a fright

I go left and I go right

just to avoid the fight.


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